Halifax Root Canal

The inside of your teeth are composed of dental pulp, which is a delicate network of living cells, tissue, blood and nerves. When your teeth become broken or fractured due to injury or decay, your dental pulp becomes exposed to microbacterial invasion. Due to the hypersensitivity of the dental pulp, the exposure can be extremely painful and detrimental to your dental health.

Endodontics deal with the study and treatment of the inner structures of your teeth. Endodontic therapy (commonly known as a root canal procedure) is a surgical procedure in which a dentist or surgeon will clear the affected dental pulp from within the tooth and disinfect the hollowed-out cavity. Restorative dental materials are used to fill in the cavity in order to restore your tooth back to health.

Root canal therapy is the most effective method for treating endodontic problems and alleviating the extreme pain that patients may feel as a result of their dental pulp being exposed to infection.

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