Halifax Sports Guards

Your teeth are protected by enamel, which is the hardest natural material in your body. Despite this, however, your teeth are still susceptible to wear and damage over time due to excessive grinding and dental injury if they are not well-protected.

Sports Guards

Good teeth protection from injury is especially important if you’re an athlete, particularly an athlete who engages in highly physical sports such as football, boxing or wrestling. Sports guards worn over your teeth act as effective shock absorbers, cushioning your teeth and jaws against extreme blunt forces.

While standard guards can be found and bought at stores, they often fit poorly and provide minimal protection as a result. At Lacewood Square Dentistry, we provide custom-made sports guards that are tailored to smoothly fit the shape of your mouth and jaw, allowing them to remain firmly and comfortably in place during extreme physical activity, and to effectively protect your teeth.

Bite Appliances

Bruxism, or excessive teeth grinding and clenching, is a relatively common condition that affects patients of all ages. Patients who suffer from bruxism suffer from headaches, jaw aches, tender cheek muscles and tooth hypersensitivity. Over time, a patient’s tooth may wear or become fractured.

Occlusal splints, or bite appliances made of smooth and flexible plastic, can be prescribed to ease the symptoms caused by bruxism. Worn over the teeth while sleeping, bite appliances absorbs the shock caused by excessive clenching and grinding, and consequently prevent your teeth from further trauma and damage.

At Lacewood Square Dentistry, we recognize that each patient is unique, and therefore requires different treatments for the same problem. We are more than happy to accommodate your specific needs with customizable guards and bite appliances.

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